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Akram Daily about us

We are a United States based company who serve the purpose of delivering just the right and spicy news to our followers and readers. The main purpose is to entertain the audience with what they want to read see or hear about. We discuss the latest celebrity gossip and inform you of the happenings in the lives of the famous celebrities. The stories which are not mentioned and celebrities who avoid media appearances but are your favorite; we make it our major aim to fill details about their life style and recent activities.
Moreover we have discussions and criticism on the latest movies and other things that you want a over view of. We tell you what the world is thinking about a certain movie and its ratings, how it is expected to stand on the box office. The recent castings in movies and many more.

We also discuss random news with a touch of satire to entertain our readers and to give them an insight on what else is happening in the world. This also includes news that will interest you in many ways and advice’s from famous people.

Our main objective is to revive the trend of magazines on the internet and bring forth a type of platform where you get all the spicy details about the recent activities that are going on and that too not ion some mundane way but a very entertaining way with a touch of humor so that our readers will enjoy reading and regard it as a quality time.
Our staff is a group of distinguished individuals who have been brought together to collect the news and details which are not surging in the market but people want to know all about them. We make sure whatever we put on the website is very accurate and true.


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