Logan Paul is Taking Some Major L’s in 2018

Logan Paul Starts Off 2018 With L’s 

Youtube star Logan Paul, is no stranger to making viral videos; but in this case we are thinking the Youtube star could turn back the hands of time and ask for a redo. Logan Paul is a well known Youtuber that is often known for funny pranks and cool tricks from his popular channel that had over 5 million followers.

The Youtuber found himself in some really hot water after he took a trip to Japan and decided to show his millions of followers a popular location where many people commit suicide. Logan Paul could even be seen on the now deleted video making jokes regarding some of the people that had ultimately ended the lives.  The video went viral; and not in a good way, people around the internet immediately began to voice their anger on way he felt it was okay to film people that had ended their lives on the internet.

Feeling all the negative backlash and the pressure, Logan Paul did take to social media to apologize for his actions and removed the video from his channel, but it was to late; Youtube has already removed him from their top tier vbloggers on Google and many production companies Logan Paul had some lucrative contracts with , have decided to pull the plug due to the surrounding controversy.

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