Foolish Criminals Fail To Steal Anything From Car, After Successfully Breaking into It!

Foolish Criminals Fail To Steal Anything

A video has emerged showing a clumsy burglary attempt in Fort Worth during Christmas. Surveillance cameras caught two young men trying to steal from a car in a North Fort Worth neighborhood. The car had been packed outside a residential house whose owners are believed to have been in.

The video vividly shows the young men’s failed burglary attempt. They effortlessly open the unlocked car and thereafter rummage through it in search of valuables. They seem to be on a winning mission at first but then, things suddenly change. While trying to quietly collect the valuables, one of the burglars accidentally leans on the car’s horn forcing it to honk. The pair are then left with no option but to flee before they can attract attention.

Robin Cutsail spoke to Fox 4 concerning the burglary incident. The car which the duo had targeted belongs to her daughter’s boyfriend. She two was baffled by how the duo had failed to make away with anything. She described them as average stupid criminals as all they needed had been right there on the seat.

Interestingly, the same pair had only minutes earlier tried to steal from another neighbor. Enrique Torres recounted how the young men had tried to break into his locked pick-up truck. They had however walked away after the truck’s door refused to open.

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