Criminal drives straight into water While Fleeing The Scene of a Crime

Criminal drives straight into water

Residents of Astoria, Oregon were recently treated to a rather interesting dumb crime occurrence. This is after a man drove straight into a river while trying to flee police.
The unidentified man had allegedly stolen a car and was trying to escape from Astorian police who were hot on his pursuit. With the police edging closer and closer to him, he was then forced to take a drastic measure and drive off the pier. This saw him land straight into the wintery cold Columbia River.
The water’s coldness could however not dampen the suspect’s resolve to escape. He went ahead and tried to swim across the river. He was however not lucky enough to navigate the watercourse fast and was caught by fishermen. He was then immediately arrested by police who reportedly had to first treat him for hypothermia. The entire incident was caught on camera.

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