Were Starting To Wonder if @complex is regretting Letting Joe Budden

Complex News Struggles After Joe Buddens Exits Everyday Struggle  

When Complex news failed to come to an agreement with Joe Buddens in regards to cutting the check. We don’t think the executives in the office really understood, that if one of your main stars is about to walk….. You do everything in your power to ensure they stay. Sadly this was the case for Complex  when the decided not to renew Joe Buddens contract for “Everyday struggle” , which is hosted by him and DJ akademiks.

Ever since Complex has confirmed that Joe Buddens was no longer going to be a part of the show – subscribers have been leaving the channel  at almost 100k per day and fans have been dragging Complex news all over social media. Complex is currently under damage control and they are struggling to find a replacement to fill the role of the co-host for the show and many hip-hop fans feel the show will probably not last longer than 6 months, now that views have decreased to record lows for the show.

Joe Buddens on the other hand seem to be doing really well, He and Charlamane the God just hosted a end of the year wrap up for hip hop called ” GoodTrashYear” on Revolt and social media has already started to debate if this show will now be the replacement to “Everyday Struggle”.



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