Parked In The Police Chief’s Spot A Woman Is Charged With Smoking Pot

Parked In The Police Chief’s Spot A Woman Is Charged With Smoking  Pot



If your mission of visiting the court is for a marijuana case, it’s not a good idea to start smoking in the parking lot. If the pressure of smoking keeps mounting on you, then don’t ever light a joint while parked in the police superintendent parking lot. This scenario occurred in Northport, New York, where a law enforcement officer picked up a twenty-six-year-old lady performing this dumb action. The woman unequivocally occupied the space allocated for the village police chief according to Newsday.

If the lady has not been found in an unmarked police vehicle in the parking space, there is every possibility to have gotten away with it. While illegally responding to her phone, the law enforcement agent picked up the lady for crime. Two police men confronted the woman before leaving the vehicle. Arielle Bonnici was the name of the woman and immediately she rolled down the window, the police officers saw smoke gushing out. The police chief called Bill Ricca told News 12 Long Island that the two law enforcement agents began to laugh when they saw the smoke from the lady’s car. The law enforcement agents issued the lady another appearance on unlawfully holding a marijuana pot while driving and responding to a cellphone call.