Guns get DJ Mustard Arrested at LAX Airport

Guns get DJ Mustard Arrested at LAX

While boarding a plan at the Los Angeles Airport, a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee detected a 22 semi-automatic gun in a carry-on-bag carried by thee DJ and his crew. The security at the airport say after this incident The DJ and his people reportedly walked away without the bag but were tracked down by police and arrested.

It is reported that the famed Hip hop producer and his friend after the arrest, were interrogated separately, and it turns out the producer was released after some interrogation and his friend detained. This was based on some footage ate the airport that DJ Mustard’s friend who was carrying the gun not the famed producer himself.

With such a case it is unlikely that Mustards friend will be posting bail any time soon. As said it you just need to be insane to take a gun to the airport.

How this would affect his music carrier after apologizing to his fans on twitter for canceling his performance in downtown Salt Lake City waits to be seen.