France Successfully Launches an All Nude Restaurant

Naked restaurant opens successfully in France

Pardon our French based story for the first and last time. It’s true. A naked restaurant opens successfully in France. Anyone willing can dine nude in the buff. Surprisingly this is not Europe’s first. Earlier this year, a naturalist dining opened in London.

France’s openness to things such as these have been documented throughout history. What can be the perfect location for naked dining other than Paris? O’naturel, the Paris based restaurant is started by Mike and Stephane Saada. The couple not being naturalists themselves, cashed in on an idea of their former insurance salesman.

O’naturel is a reservation first restaurant. It is open for dinner only at the moment. Diners are warned beforehand about the dress code (or lack of it). The menu includes classy french items such as snails, lobsters and foie gras. No outsider can have a peek, thanks to complete curtain cover.