YouTube Prankster So Desperate For Subscriber Cements Head in Microwave and Almost Dies

YouTube prank fail that gone insane….


There are YouTube prank fails and there is this. This attempted prank involved a reckless prankster and microwave.

The YouTube prankster attempted to create mold of his head with Pollyfilla mixture. The route he chose was to insert his head covered with the mixture into a microwave. The mold set faster than he expected, which made him risk suffocation. His buddies fed him air tube to prevent suffocating to death. Emergency crews rushed in to save this joker who cemented his head inside a microwave.

The buddies waited 90 minutes before calling paramedics, doing their best to avoid embarrassment. Firefighters alerted by the Wolverhampton ambulance services fought an hour to save this trickster. He pulled off this insane stunt in garage of a home in Fordhouses.

In his YouTube channel, the 22 year old accepted he got traumatized. The viewers urged Wed Midlands fire service to fine him for services.