Amazon Driver is Fired After Pooping on a Driveway of Customer

Poop Butt Amazon Worker Fired! 

Amazon has been  fired a driver, after a customers video surveillance camera captured images of the driver delivering there package and pooping on the sidewalk. The homeowner said in a statement to the local news channel; They were unsure why the driver had opened up the passenger door and squatted for about 10 seconds, before rushing off to make more deliveries. Upon further investigation  investigation they discovered a pile of Sh*t on their driveway.

Immediately they contacted Amazon regarding, they employee who just pooped on their driveway. Amazon sent a supervisor to the residence were he was able to apologize for the employee’s behavior and clean up the mess, Even making a comment on how big it was. The employee was fired on the spot and will now have to look for another job, hopefully she will not list Amazon as a reference.