Woman Breaks into McDonald’s and Steals $1000 Dollars Worth of Hamburgers

Real Life Hamburgular 

McDonald’s restaurant has been attacked by a real life Hambuglar…. and her name is Jessica Marie Cross of Maryland, the suspect was captured on the stores surveillance cameras breaking into the McDonald’s around 1AM in the morning  and stealing about $1000 dollars of hamburgers and other miscellaneous items. Even worse , she can be seen on the video making a drink while she is committing the crime, after police were able to collect additional information and run the video on the news, the public was able to identify the thief and she was soon arrested for her crimes.


Police have charged Ms. Cross with multiple crimes; including breaking and entering, attempting to disable  surveillance cameras and tampering with evidence. Officer’s are still searching for the accomplice that also could be seen on the video taking the boxes from the store as well.