A Florida Man Googled “How To Rob a Bank” Moments Before Actually Doing it!

Man Googled “How To Rob a Bank” Moments Before Actually Doing it

William Johnson age 26, was hard up on cash, so the young criminal mastermind decided that he would go to one of the local banks in his area and rob it. Since the their in training never really did anything as serious as this he decided to pull up a quick tutorial on his phone on “How to Rob a Bank”. After collecting the necessary information from his brief training guide, he entered the Achevia Credit Union and slid the teller a hand written note demanding money. The frightens teller complied with his demands and gave Mr. Johnson almost $2000.00 in cash before he fled the scene of the crime.

A few days later he was spotted at Publix supermarket purchasing some lottery tickets and alcohol in celebration of his recent success, but after having his facing all on the local news for the robbery earlier that week, he was immediately spotted and police were contacted.  Police were able to locate Mr. Johnson who was hiding out at a motel close by; and place him under arrest. After an hour of questioning police confirmed that the suspect had confessed to his crimes and would be charged with felony robbery.