Azealia Banks Back in The Spotlight…. Not For New Music Though, Just More Complaining

Azealia Banks Complaining Now That Cardi B is Becoming Hip Hop Competitor 

Azealia Banks has always been a really opinionated person on her thoughts about the music industry and being a black female in a male dominated industry. She has always been very vocal on how little promotion the larger labels are willing to put into black female artist that are not willing to expose their bodies and always claimed this was the primary reason that Nicki Minaj was so successful and her rap career was stalled. Well it’s been reported that ever since Cardi B began to dominate the charts with her hit single “Bodak Yellow” Azealia Banks is now claiming that people only are supporting her because she is Hispanic and she was the poor man’s Nicki Minaj.

Obviously Cardi B wasn’t feeling the shade that was being thrown by Azealia Banks and she clapped back in a harsh way— by posting a video of Azealia Banks in the club singing along to Cardi B’s song . Saying that “Even the haters love it”. Azealia Banks in now sliding in Nicki Minaj’s DM on Instagram asking for forgiveness. I’m thinking she trying to get a team-up going, so she can have some type of relevance , before the music fans forgets all about her.