3 Relationship Killers To Beware Of !!


3 Relationship Killers To Beware Of !!

I think we can all agree that relationships can be tough. Whether you and you bae are just starting out or have been together since “Living Single” was on television….. the butterflies soon fade away, shows will end, and your relationship WILL be tested.  Most problems can definitely be worked through, but there are a few relationship killers that will have you considering whether continuing in your relationship is even worth it. Now, we’re not going to bring up ” Cheating”. I think we all know cheating in a relationship is the ultimate relationship killer leaving people scared with trust, psychological, and commitment issues. We may not know all of the relationship killers, obviously, but we can let you in on a few.


Getting to really know someone takes time. After all the “newness” of a relationship wears out, you can finally start understanding what makes your partner tick. Over time you may begin to realize that you both don’t not want the same things out of your relationship or even out of life. Especially, if you started in you relationship at a younger age without reaching your full potential or being able to make mature decisions. She’s not interested in marriage or kids, he wants to build a family. He is trying to save and build his credit to create financial stability, she would rather spend her coins on a pair of red bottoms or in the words of Cardi B, “bloody shoes”.  If you find yourself arguing about more serious, life defining goals without coming to a reasonable compromise….this may become a bigger problem.

2. Moving Too Fast

Whoa! whoa! whoa! Did you just make a list of your top ten wedding songs to play at the ceremony???  Didn’t you just meet each other at the Afro Punk Festival a month ago?!?!! Moving too fast can scare your partner away! There is no need to rush what is meant to be and everything worth having takes time. When you’re in a relationship, you’ll need time to adapt to the changes. If you begins rushing things, then then relationship will feel more like weight on your shoulders. Too much pressure, too fast. We’ve all heard the saying, ” Pressure burst pipes”….there’s truth to that.

3. The Past

Moving past certain lumps and bumps on the road to a healthy relationship isn’t easy. If you’ve already agreed to move forward after an argument, disagreement, or even infidelity, then do just that. Bringing up those tough moments time and time again wears down the core of your relationship. Living in the past does this also. Keeping in contact with people that have cause a hindrance or distraction from your relationship is not healthy.  Keeping up with Ex’s, dudes/chicks in your DMs, or even toxic friends can absolutely kill your relationship. Its okay to leave certain people right where they belong….in the past.

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