5 Relationships Goals Worth Reaching

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5 Relationships Goals Worth Reaching

We all seen the memes and the hashtags for “Relationships Goals” all over the internet. A couple with matching cars or Jordan sneakers… #RelationshipGoals??? Really? Call me ol’skool but those are the types of goals to focus on while trying to maintain a fruitful and successful relationship. Material things don’t always mean a relationship is functional. Check out some of these #RelationshipGoals actually worth reaching for.

  1. Being successful together. Always being supportive of each other and encouraging your partner to achieve their goals in life with the same in return. Relationships get tough, but you should never lose your self for anyone. Strive for greatness together!

  2. Being able to spend time apart to do things on your own (hang with friends, trips, see family, etc..) without feeling pressure to explain your every move or being bombarded with text messages about your whereabouts.

  3. Being able to have an argument calmly and articulate your thoughts to each other while considering their feelings. You may not always see eye to eye, it is okay to agree to disagree. Every argument or disagreement shouldn’t mean the end of your relationship.

  4. Being real BFF’s. The person you are in a relationship with is usually who you spend the majority of your time with. You wake up together, eat together, talk and text together, they bring toilet paper to the bathroom when the roll is out!! You should be able to share intimate thoughts and ideas with your partner. You should have you own personal language that only you two share. Being able to laugh at and with each other is important for a relationship.

  5. Sex. Sex shouldn’t feel like a job or an obligation. The feelings should flow naturally and organically. You should be able to enjoy each other. Learn what your partner like and allow them to teach you. You also shouldn’t feel like sex is necessary EVERY TIME you are in the same room with your partner.

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