Horse Kicks & Breaks Leg Of Man Trying To Sexually Assault Him

Horse Breaks Leg Of Man Trying To Sexually Assault Him

Cirilo Castillo Jr , had his leg broken after he attempted to brake into a woman’s barn and sexually assault one of her horses. Police believe during the attack  the horse managed to kick the Castillo, breaking his leg in multiple places. The owner of the barn heard the loud screams and contacted police and that’s when they discovered an injured Castillo laying in the barn in agonizing pain.

Police were then able to identify him at the scene and discovered that  Castillo had been arrested three times prior for similar sexual attacks on multiple horse’s in 2012. He at even one pont in time was ordered by a judge to stay away from barns and animals altogether to prevent any other sexual mishaps.

The suspect even with all the evidence pointing to what his true intentions were, still maintained that he was struck by a car while walking and managed to crawl into the barn seeking shelter and help . Castillo was taken to a local hospital for treating and was later arrested and charged with trespassing and bestiality.