Is North Korea Spoiling for World War III

Is North Korea Spoiling for World War III ?

The increasing ballistic tests by North Korea may be considered by pundits as the latest attempts to start a major world war. The country has been on the spotlight lately for testing various missiles despite outcries from major world leaders.

But what baffles many is the defiance on the part of the country’s leader Kim Kim Jong-un. The leader has been reported in more than one occasion as a thrilled man after successful ballistic tests and considering all these come in the wake of a global outcry, there is no better indication of a country readying itself for a major military showdown.

However, the conspiracy theories in this whole saga make it even more interesting. There is a great conspiracy theory advanced by the West that North Korea could be working in cahoots with China and Russia to neutralize the US military strength. While the said countries have come out to deny the rumors, many still think they are the silent enemies in this as they have for a long time been in cross-purposes with the West when it comes to major decisions touching on military intervention.