Stacey Dash Tries To Diss Maxine Waters and Gets Dragged on #Blacktwitter

Stacey Dash Getting Dragged on #BlackTwitter 

Stacey Dash made a brief appearance from her hole of un-importance and decided to go out of her way to call out Congresswoman Maxine Waters about her empowering acceptance speech on BET’s  “BlackGirlsRock” were Maxine praised all her fellow black women across the world and thanked them for always being there for her. We are guessing that Stacey Dash was hit with to much hatred and jealously over the fact that Maxine is being celebrated within the black community as a person that is truly working on making positive changes and representing people of color, why she is often ignored.

Stacey Dash made her little slick comment on twitter and #Blacktwitter wasted no time taking out the trash.