Donald Trump Pardons Racist Former Sheriff Who Targeted The Latino Community

Donald Trump Pardons Racist Sheriff 

Donald Trump wasted no time in issuing a presidential pardon for friend/racist former sheriff Joe Arpaio who been mostly consistent with locking up people of the Hispanic community. Arpaio had previously been ordered by a judge to discontinue his unlawful practices , when it was discovered that the former sheriff had been illegally detaining people for efforts of deportation. Although  Joe Arpaio disregarded the order from the judge, he continued to make unlawful arrest and violate the civil rights of the community  he swore to protect and serve.

Arpaio was  convicted on July, 31st 2007 by a US District judge who ruled that , Mr. Arpaio knowingly broke the law and used his position within law enforcement to continue his illegal activity.  Donald Trump obviously felt another way about the situation , because at one of his rallies in Arizona , President Trump made it very clear – ” Arpaio has nothing to worry about”.

The White House just released a statement today confirming that Donald Trump has made a decision to Pardon the former Sheriff of his crimes, without even bothering to consult with the Justice Department.