14 Year old Boy Manage To Escape Child Labor Mine He And Siblings Were Forced To Work in

14 Year old Boy Manage To Escape Child Labor Mine

This is the story of a small Indian boy who managed to escape from a mica mine and who later talked in the Geneva international convention on the day dedicated to fight against child labor’. India is a county where child labor is strictly banned by law.

Ansari who is 14 years old now is from a poor village of a north east state of India. He started working in a mica mine at the age of 8, because of the poverty and unavailability of jobs in the village. His parents were not able to earn enough to feed their kids. Like Ansari, almost half of the children aged 6-7 years, were employed in the mines. Though on some days they worked on the surface, most of the time they had to dig out of the bowels of land through long tunnels. Tunnels have collapsed many time killing many miners in the past. The children were over

utilized and underpaid. They had to work for long hours beyond their shift timings.
Once an active NGO, Bachpan Bachavo Andholan (BBA) which works against child labor found Ansari and rescued him then convinced his parents and take him to a rehabilitation center and send him to school.