Usher’s Herpes Scammer Quantasia Sharpton 15 minutes of Fame is Over and Done!

Usher’s Scammer Stocker Quantasia Sharpton

The R&B singer Usher to be involved in yet another STD related lawsuit, attorney Lisa Bloom announced that on Monday, August 7, she will be doing a New York press conference regarding a new case she’s filing against the singer .

The lawsuit Lisa Bloom wants to file against Usher is for three individuals, two women and a man, who claim that the singer failed to mention that he had a sexually transmitted disease during sexual contact . The attorney stated that at the press conference one accuser will speak, the other two remaining anonymous as Jane Doe and John Doe.

There are mixed reactions to theses claims, where some side with the accusers, others say this is all for money, reason being that the symptoms can “fly under the radar” so you can’t really know who passed the STD on, even with a condom it can still be orally transmitted. This will be Usher’s third lawsuit as the first two remain unconfirmed , all of them being about genital herpes .