UK Prime Minister Theresa May Criticizes White Supremacism and neo-Nazism the U.S.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May Criticizes White Supremacist and neo-Nazism the U.S.


UK Prime Minister Theresa May has objurgated the hatred
and racism of white supremacists based in Charlottesville, Virginia, United
States after Donald Trump failed to denounce them. News indicates that Senior
Republicans have also constantly accused the U.S. President for failing to
condemn the bigotry and hate of the supremacists. In a tweet, May said that her
government supports the US people in the fight against hatred, racism, and

Her statement comes after a car ploughed into activists
opposed to racism who were protesting against a neo-Nazis and white
supremacists’ rally in Virginia. A woman pedestrian was killed and 19 people were
injured.In the recent past, there have been news of anti-racist
activists who have violently crashed with white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Some
critics argue that President Trump does not want to condemn the acts by the neo-Nazis and white supremacists because he may lose their vote in the next elections. The crashes exasperate the issue of racism that has been in existence for centuries
in the United States.