Are Thots and Side Chicks The New Wifey???

Are Thots and Side Chicks The New Wifey ??

Is it just me or has there been a high influx of “Thotty-ness” going on lately? Have y’all noticed scrolling through the Gram or FB, all the half naked, 30 inch lace fronts, with the word “entrepreneur” in their bio flexing because they got the next chick’s man….. Or they’re making a living off of being talentless??  Then do a bit of comment creeping. Some dudes will comment ,” That bae, right there” , ” I’m in love” , ” Wifey”.   There’s been quite of few celeb instances where basketball players, rappers, actors, ect. who have literally risked and even lost their marriages over a quick fling

So, are thots and side chicks the new wifey? Is cheating or carrying on in an affair really worth losing your relationship?