Tech Giant Google Has Invested 1.5 Million Dollars in Grant Money For Children Coding

Google Has Invest Money To Teach Children How To Code

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 Google has been on the verge to get children interested in technology. Google has introduced $ 1.5 million grant program to aid in teaching computer science to the close to Six million 4 – H club members across the country. The program is intended to teach kids some elements of tech and basic coding skills said Jacqueline Fuller the president of liberal wing president of

The grant program was officiated on Friday alongside the Illinois state governor during the state fair. The program aims at filling the job market in 2020 that is projected to be close to 1.4 million jobs within the organization, but there will be only 400,000 competent personnel in computer science said, Fuller. opted for the 4-H because of its varied membership and extensive reach. 4-H club has been in existence for the last century and has a high number of female member’s majority who reside in the rural population. The programs are designed to teach kids how computer science relates to the world. And how they can use computer science to solve various problems