Neo-Nazi James Alex Fields, Jr Murders 1 Woman and Injures 19 People Over a Statue

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Neo-Nazi Murders Counter Protester and Injures 19! 

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The neo-Nazi, KKK and other hate groups had a massive protest demonstration on Saturday after marching on Friday night with touches. The rally shut down when the state of emergency was enforced. The next action was a vehicle plowing into anti-racist protesters. Is your quest for hit run, murder, news and the tragic events in Charlottesville? Read below and discover what is happening currently.

On Saturday night, the FBI made a comment that it has opened civil rights investigation into the tough car crash. In Charlottesville, a vehicle ran into a huge crowd of anti-racist protesters. After a white supremacist rally was interrupted by the law enforcement, one person was found dead and several others in critical condition. A suspect has been identified and is in custody with a name James Alex Fields, Jr, a 20-year-old Ohio resident.

There were hundreds of counter-protesters, including self- described anti-fascist, activists, and local interfaith leaders. For the Unite the Right rally, white supremacists gathered in the college town. These supremacists continued to chant both homophobic and racist slogans while in their gathering.

The state’s governor declared a state of emergency and protests prompted city officials to react. Marchers chanted Nazi slogans, spraying opponents with chemicals and punching counter-protesters. This all occurred in the Friday night’s torch-carrying white nationalist march around the University of Virginia. More investigations are still on concerning this event.

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