Bizarre Sea Creatures Invade US Pacific Coasts

Bizarre Sea Creatures Invade US Pacific Coasts

As the Summer months drag by,people are no longer the only ones attracted to the beaches of the Us coastal waters.Strange,bizarre and glowing sea creatures called sea pyrosomes are invading the Pacific coasts from California to Alaska.The pyrosomes are also called fire bodies and sea pickles and consist of multicellular organisms called zooids.National Geographic reported that the sea creatures can be identified by their cucumber-like shapes and Jell-O exteriors. The Guardian also reported researchers saying that the fire bodies reproduce asexually.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the strange sea creatures are commonly believed to live in tropical waters but have been increasingly spotted in large numbers since 2015 along the Pacific coasts from Northern California to Washington.

Some researchers from NOAA like the research biologist Rick Brodeur and marine biologist Dr. Lisa-ann Gershwin have suspected that the rising water temperature might be responsible for the strange phenomenon.

Although these alien sea creatures look harmless yet they seem to have disrupted fishing activities along the coasts and this may be a sign of a more menacing issue.The National Geographic reported that a research net pulled out an estimated 60,000 of the sea creatures within a 5-minute interval. Also,an Alaskan fishermen crew has been reported to have given up on a fishing trip because of not being able to extract these sea cucumbers from their hooks.Some fish they caught were seen vomiting the sea cucumbers.However,it isn’t clear yet whether the actually consumed the creatures for not being able to navigate through the masses of the strange sea bodies.According to the NOAA,the known natural predators of the pyrosomes are the dolphins, the bony fish and whales.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has however reassured the public of conducting more researches to unravel the mystery of the strange sea creatures invading the Pacific coast.