Naked Man High on Drugs Attacks Home Owner, Then Poops on Carpet

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Drugs Are Really Bad 

21 year-old Gregory Matthew was arrested for getting high , naked and climbing on Florida couples roof. According to the home owner Tony Land , Mr. Matthew was on his roof butt naked acting like a mad man, when Mr. Land confronted the dope head he was attacked and knock to the ground.

Mr. Matthew then ran into the couples house pulled a flat screen TV off the wall, spilled the contents of the vacuum all over the place and then began humping things in the home, at that point Ladonna Land, Tony Lands wife; grabbed a gun and opened fire on the intruder but missed, Police were called regarding the disturbance and arrived to the scene and were able to place  Mr. Matthew under arrest.

Sadly police arrive after Mr. Matthew had masturbated on the couple’s sofa and left 3 turds on the floor.


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