Gene Simmons And His Calf Son #Strange

Gene Simmons And His Calf Son 

Gene Simmons would never believe this news! He officially has a twin in the form of a cow. Talk about crazy news. On November 25 of 2016 this miracle occurred. A calf was born in the city of Kerrville, Texas on the ranch of a Heather Leonard Taccetta. This calf is said to look strangely like the KISS band member Gene!

Kiss fans are having a cow over this news! They have good reason too! This is all because of a rumor about Mr. Simmons. It has been said that during the 70’s this KISS member had been known for grafting a cow tongue to his own. Fans cannot help but find it curious that Mr. Simmons was known for doing so. As well as, there is a calf that looks just like him
It makes one wonder if the calf could be half cow and half Gene Simmons. How strange would that be to find out he had an affair with a cow!?