Chicago To Sue Trump Administration Over Sanctuary City Funding Threat

Chicago To Sue Trump Administration Over Sanctuary City Funding Threat 

Suing donald Trump

On Monday, Chicago is planning to sue the Trump administration over threats to stop public security grant fund from sanctuary cities. Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced this notion on Sunday, escalating a resistance against a federal immigration ordeal.

This news broke in less than two weeks after Jeff Sessions the Attorney General announced the US Justice Department will prevent cities from some grant benefits. Jeff Sessions continued by saying only cities that approve immigration authorities unrestricted access to local jails will enjoy this federal benefit.

In a debate, Mayor Emanuel mentioned that Chicago will not allow police officers to be exploited for political interests. At a news conference, A Democrat also supported the notion of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The Democrat insisted that the fundamental rights of residents will not be violated and isolated by the current administration.

Hundred of cities often benefit from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants. However, the current administration has demanded three hundred and eighty million dollars in funding in the upcoming year. Because of the increased murder rate, Chicago has always been the target of President Donald Trump. Chicago is also expected to get 3.2 million dollars this year for buying equipment.