Kanye West is Looking at a 10 Million Dollar Lawsuit

$10 Million lawsuit by Kanye

Kanye West

Kanye West is at it again and this time the Saint Pablo tour insurers are facing his wrath. The celebrity rapper and his touring company filed a lawsuit for a staggering 10 million dollars against the tour’s insurers. The insurers are yet to pay or give any explanations as to why they have not yet paid.

The documents submitted in court allege for breach of contract and lack of good faith by the said insurers. This is after Kanye cancelled a number of concerts (and later the remainder of the tour). The reason behind cancelling the tour is still not clear, it was around the time that his celebrity wife got robbed in Paris and he was admitted to a neuropsychiatric hospital.

Apparently, the celebrity’s use of marijuana has been cited as a reason to deny his claim and hold back the millions of dollars in insurance premiums. Kanye was even evaluated by an independent medical examiner chosen by the insurance, Lloyd’s of London.