Donald Trump’s approval rating falls to 36%

Donald Trump’s approval rating falls

 Donald Trump’s approval rating has fallen to an all time low in Rasmussen Reports. Donald Trump’s approval recently fell below 40% for the first time since he took office. As at June, Donald Trump had a fifty percent approval rating in Rasmussen Reports.

Aside Rasmussen Reports, Donald Trump is performing at an all time low in other mainstream polls. In the ABC News/Washington post, the president’s approval rating was as poor as 36% which is the lowest score attained by any president in the past 70 years.

Not only is President Trump’s approval rate falling in all polls, his disapproval rating is also soaring. While Donald Trump’s average approval rating is 38.1%, his average disapproval rating is 56.1%. Donald Trump’s recent fall in Rasmussen Reports is notable considering the fact that the poll has been his most positive mainstream poll. Throughout his campaign and presidency, Rasmussen Reports has consistently rated President Trump higher than any other mainstream poll.