Quick Beginner Tips On How To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Quick Beginner Tips On How To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

By now I’m sure everyone has seen “What The Health??” on Netflix….and if you haven’t , then you should. It will definitely have you looking at your dinner plate with one eyebrow raised.  Being aware of what you put into your body is very important, just as important, is your mental and emotional health. whether you are on a new health journey or already deep into you workout….this tips can be very helpful.


Try to eat natural, raw ingredients. Avoid process foods as much as you can. You can even start by making you own juices or smoothies, blending various fruits and veggies together.  Fresh made juices and smoothies are easy to digest, filling, and very tasty.



Soda is unhealthy and high in sugar, leaving you to feel lethargic, less-energetic, and with unstable blood sugar levels.  As an alternative to drinking soda, try tea. Tea contains antioxidants, boost the immune system, helps to boost your immune system, and has less caffeine than coffee. There are a huge variety of teas to choose from. Another alternative to soda can be to drink carbonated water instead, if you like that fizzy, bubbly taste.



Create a simple workout plan. Start slow and build up your tolerance. Remember to go at your own pace and don’t feel pressure from others, you never want to over exert yourself. Find something you enjoy doing, this will make it easier for you to stick to your plan. It can be anything from running the path at your local park, a little swim in the pool, or even a bike ride through you neighborhood. As encouragement, spread out your workout gear and running shoes the night before.



Drinking water is the most effective way to get you looking and feeling great! Challenge yourself by drinking half your body weight in ounces a day. You can even fancy it up a little by adding fresh lemon slices, or even making fruit infused water. * Bonus Tip- A friend of my always had a tough time drinking water, she said drinking water through a straw made it easier …..Thanks Magen!


Your health depends on your choices and you are the only person who can care for your body the best….not just physically either. Take time for yourself on a mental level. Slow down and read a good book, start writing in a daily journal, or play some smooth jazz while relaxing in a bubble bath. Making time for yourself is  an essential to a healthy lifestyle.


Don’t procrastinate any longer! Start living your beautiful ,healthy lifestyle……change begins with you!!


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