President Trump Has His Way With Chief of Staff

President Trump Has His Way With Chief of Staff


Although he didn’t fire him himself, President Donald Trump was certainly the driving force behind the pressure for Reince Priebus to step down. And on Friday, Reince did just that with John Kelly, who had been Homeland Security Secretary until his appointment, chosen to fill the void.

Priebus had rubbed shoulders with people in government the wrong way as was evident in the public war of words with White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci. The highlight of the feud was a scathing attack on Reince, where even profanities were used, over the director’s leaked financial information.

The move couldn’t have come at a more welcome time as the dispute between the two top White House officials threatened to boil over and paint the presidency in a bad light. While allegations labeling him a mole are widely thought to be the reason behind his resignation, sources close to the White House beg to differ. They believe it’s largely down to his failure to do away with Obamacare.

The president was quite vocal during his campaign about repealing Obamacare and his trusty former chief of staff was leading the charge against it. In light of his failure to fulfill his primary mission, his days in government seemed numbered and eventually, they came to an abrupt and bitter end, much like his failed repeal of the health care act.