Drug Dealer Straps 89 Bags Of Dope To His Penis, Then Urinates on Officers.

Drug Dealer Straps 89 Bags Of Dope To Himself 

arrested drug dealer urinates


Drug dealer Ray Woods was arrested by police in Folcroft, Pa when a routine traffic stop turned a little bit weird. According to police Mr. Woods was pulled over for a minor traffic infraction and when police noticed the smell of weed coming out of Mr. Woods car, they then asked him to step out of the vehicle. Once out of the vehicle police notice a huge bulge coming out of Mr. Woods pants.

After placing Mr. Woods under arrest and transporting him to jail on the charges of possession of a controlled substance . After arriving at the jail, the officers  began a strip search on Mr. Woods; were they discovered 89 bags of weed and heroin taped to his penis, one of the officers attempted to remove the drugs from Mr. Woods privacy but only to be urinated on by Mr. Woods.