Madonna Is Freaking Out About Her Missing Tupac Letter Being Auctioned

Madonna Wants Her Love Letter With Tupac Back!

You may expect the current hottest celebrity drama in the news to be about Justin Bieber, the Kardashians, or Miley Cyrus revealing another side of her that we never knew existed. Well, get this, one of the trending celebrity news heating the headlines is on legends that most kids born after the year 2000, either do not even know existed or know very little about. I am talking about Madonna, Tupac Shakur, Sharon Stone, and Whitney Houston.

These were the stars in the 80s all the way to the early part of the millennium. And their talent still impresses us because they were exceptional in their fields (RIP Tupac Shakur and Whitney Houston). But that isn’t it. The thing is that Madonna has been having sleepless nights because some of her personal memorabilia, that included private letters exchanged between her and Tupac, were to be auctioned by Gotta Have It! Celebrities, Inc. The letters in particular opened up some old wounds in Madonna that caught the attention of Sharon Stone.

The letters reveal that Madonna and Tupac Shakur used to have a thing back then. However, they had to end things due to racial differences. Moreover, according to the letters, Madonna feels that she missed out on a more fulfilling career as she in a way envied the Movie career of Sharon stone and the Singing career of Whitney Houston. Having being informed about this matter, Sharon Stone, on Twitter, tagged Madonna stating that she adores her, considers her a friend, and that she too at some point desired to be a Rock star.

The legends live on.