#AllLivesMatter Remains Silent After Killing of Justine Damond While #BlacklivesMatter Speaks Out!

#AllLivesMatter M.I.A For The Murder of Justine Damond 

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John Ruszczyk, the father of the late spiritual healer could not comprehend why the Minneapolis police shot his special daughter just days to her wedding. The clueless murder has left the family and everyone who knew Justine Damond, scream for justice. They all cannot understand why the forty year old Australian goddess had to succumb to such a fatal ending. According to the Australian Daily, the death of Justine was an “AMERICAN NIGHTMARE”, as displayed on the cover page.

It was found that Justine died of a bullet shot to her abdomen some minutes to midnight. This was after she had called 911 to complain of a possible assault. The level of negligence and irresponsibility is very vivid in this story. Recently, Prime Minister intervened in the matter and asked for a comprehensive investigation onto the merciless killing. Many are coming aboard to rally their support for justice and it appears there is going to be justice after all.

After the killing of Justine Damond by law enforcement there was  a lot  of public outcry from the community trying to get more answers on why this woman was shot by the police while wearing her pajamas. While the fictional #Alllivesmatter movement has said and done absolutely nothing about the killing of this innocent white woman….. leave it to #BlacklivesMatter to step up for the deceased victim and demand more from authorities about keeping the communities safe ,treating people with more respect and holding officers more accountable.