Cosmo DiNardo The Man Who Killed 4 people & Burned The Bodies in Family Barn, Looking To Plead Guilty on Charges

Cosmo DiNardo Drug Dealer That Killed 4

 When someone with a mental illness passes by, we tend to feel a little bit of shame and pity. But when this same person kills someone, we truly become astonished by the sheer atrocity that a man can do to others. Cosmo DiNardo had mental problems, and he did something bad.
Schizophrenic Killer

Cosmo DiNardo is today a schizophrenic killer who felt bad about the parents of one of his victims. This is a shame for humanity because a man with this mental illness has done such a bad crime today. The problem was that this man had a history of mental ailments and the police could not put their hands on it on time. He was also a drug dealer. He was charged with 4 homicides today related to 4 people who happened to vanish a week ago. Cosmo DiNardo, a 20-year-old man, also had 20 other counts.
More Counts

Cosmo DiNardo was also charged with robbery, conspiracy, and abuse of a corpse. This man also admitted to these killings and was willing to cooperate with the police, according to his lawyer. Cosmo DiNardo also buried his victims on a farm property that his parents own. Cosmo DiNardo said that he killed his victims because he felt threatened or cheated by them during a drug transaction. This was said by someone else in the condition of anonymity. There was also a conspirator from the city of Philadelphia who killed 3 people, according to the same source of information.

Cosmo DiNardo also is pleading guilty to those 4 first-degree murder counts, according to his lawyer. Prosecutors will not try to execute the death penalty on Cosmo DiNardo because of his cooperation with the authorities. Cosmo DiNardo was remorseful during the interview with the authorities, his lawyer said to journalists. Cosmo DiNardo was truly sorry for what he did, and he also said that he was sorry when he was escorted out of the courthouse by a law enforcement official on Thursday. This man was completely crazy because he even buried three corpses inside a drum at the farm of his family.
Cosmo DiNardo deserves all the compassion in the world, but we need to do justice to society. He needs to understand that he did some bad things, and he has to face the consequences of his rash action. We need to learn from this experience too because our society needs to deal with the real problem of drug trafficking in a successful way over time.