Queen Bey Is Back!!

Queen Bey Is Back!!

I think we’ve all been creeping low-key on Beyoncé‘s website and Instagram waiting to get a glimpse of the twins. Well, they’ve finally made their debuts on their one month birthday! Beyoncé posted a beautiful photo of herself dawning a vibrant kimono by  Palomo Spain, while holding her brand new additions. Rumi and Sir Carter are definitely a sight for sore eyes! No one can deny the utter cuteness of one wittle, itty, bitty baby….and just imagine two! I can just imagine Blue Ivy at home running full on security over her new brother and sister.

Beyoncé and Jay Z also step out on the scene to attend a listening party…… She is still looking as stunning as EVER! ( Just like we knew she would!!)

Love Beyoncé’s kimono…… Get one !!

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