Former Felon Jeremy Meeks Is Now Giving Billionaire Heiress The “D”

Jeremy Meeks Knocking Down Billionaire Daughter 

Jeremy Meeks and British Top Shop heiress Chloe Green were spotted doing major PDA at a poolside in a swanky hotel in Beverly Hills on July 14. Witnesses were quick to claim that the �hot felon’ and the billionaire’s daughter “…couldn’t keep their hands off each other…” as they lounged around and had a few dips in the pool.

It was said that Chloe got smitten with Jeremy when he walked for the Philipp Plein fashion show during the Cannes Film Festival. Despite being married at the time to his wife Melissa, they were again spotted making out on a yacht in Turkey and Chloe even posted an Instagram pic of him kissing her on the forehead! Wow, if that doesn’t scream “they got the hots for each other!”, I don’t know what will. Seems like these two couldn’t keep their relationship under wraps anymore and so Jeremy had to head home and got formally separated from his wife last July 11.

Crazy Story

Now it seems like there’s nothing holding back these two new lovebirds anymore. I mean, who can really hide scandalous celebrity hookups and relationships nowadays anyway? Especially when it involves a hot guy with a rather shady past and a crazy rich, billionaire’s daughter right? With the formal separation finalized, Jeremy is now a free man (again?) and can date whomever he wants. But we’ll keep posted on Jeremy and Chloe’s new relationship. Trouble may be brewing on the horizon for Jeremy after he filed for sole custody of his kids. Do you think Melissa, the wife who got cheated on, would fight tooth and nail against letting him have it? Let’s see and find out but as for now, good luck to the heiress and the hot felon for finally being out in their relationship. I gotta feeling this isn’t the last time we’re going to see some sexy PDA from these two.