Donald Trump is Now Requesting Border Wall With Mexico Be Transparent

Donald Trump and The Mexican Wall 

Donald Trump has made a suggestion that the wall to be erected between Mexico and the United States of America has to be a transparent one. It is a move which is towards the implementation of his counter attack of controlling the drug trafficking from Mexico. His intention is also to control the movement between the two countries. The question is whether the wall will work.

What seems not to be clear is how clear the wall is expected to be. As per Donald Trump’s arguments is the fact that his arguments had to be something like a see-through like glass or even plastic. His utterances were even made more precise when he made it to the journalist while on air force one was that one of the things that could not be left out was the transparency of the wall. Like some of the journalists have argued was that the initiative by the President of the United States was to prevent people from being hit by drugs being thrown over. Trump even went ahead to say that one has to see through the wall considering the need to see what is on the other side of the wall.