Top 6 Best Quality Home Theater Projector For Sale Online

The Best Quality Home Theater Projectors on the Market

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Regardless of whether you want a genuine theater experience or you simply want to save on space, investing in an excellent home theater projector is what you should consider. Projector home theaters are ideal for watching sports, movies, and gaming. These projectors can transform any living room into a perfect entertainment center. Best of all, you don’t need a huge budget to have one. Here are reviews of some of the most powerful home theater projectors on the market.

1.Sony VPL-VW365ESThe VPL-VW365ES


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the ultimate game changer when it comes to your living room entertainment. This projector home theater 3d ready and $k optimized, with both 3d and 4k upscaling capabilities. Sony got the job done perfectly with this projector, and it just came at the best time. With 4K DVDs sets scheduled to be the new standard in the entertainment industry, this projector is already a front runner. Up plainly the new standard when the finish of one year from now, this framework has situated itself as a leader. Pros• The VPL-VW365ES is among the first 4K UHD projectors in its price bracket. With an amazing 4K upscaling ability and a detailed spectrum of colors• The projector comes with a standard 6000-hour globe, with a warranty of up to three years.• Easy to install with excellent adjustment levels• Smooth and precise flow of big images with no blur• Has a good 3d transmitter which works well with most 3d glassesCons • Low black levels performance• The projector is not HDR compatible

2.Epson POWERLITE W16SK3000 Lumens WXGA LCD 3D

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To be specific, this projector doesn’t use active 3d glasses but rather passive. This is a major factor when it comes to a projector because it makes 3D cheaper for a bigger audience. It’s lower costs compared to its competitors also makes it the ideal projector for your home.pros• It’s easy to setup. • It’s a Dual-projector system.• Works directly with all video sources.• Passive 3D needs low-cost glasses.Cons • Requires additional software to work with 3D computers• Real brightness is lower than the intensity on the ratings.

3. View Sonic PRO8510L 5200 Lumens XGA HDMI

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Lens Shift ProjectorPacked with 5200 lumens and a 1024 x 768 resolution, centered this is the ideal projector for your living room. This projector has a 1.6x optical zoom centered and vertical lens making it flexible even in very challenging installationsPros• Has a flashy design• Brightness of 5200 Lumens• It’s Cheap• Good Color performance, for the price bracket, but not the bestCons• It has inadequate levels of black;• Poor shadow detail;• over saturation of colors;• no lens or 3D capability.

4. Optoma GT5500 1080p 3D DLP Ultra Short


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This mini projector was created to give you a huge screen, without the need of complex installation. Although some projectors require 10 or even more ft of space, this model can create a 100-inches screen when mounted at only one foot from your wall. It produces a dazzling image using its 3500-lumen light, and the images are abundant and vibrant. Thus making it the best projector for your home and gaming needs.Pros• Designed for gaming.• Has 3D with HDMI. • 1080p native resolution.• Short lag time.Cons• Displays rainbows.• Posterization is seen in its brightest state.

5. LG Electronics PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Smart Home Theater Projector

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The LG PF1000U is in its league. It might be considered as a lightweight, portable 80″ flat -panel TV. It weighs about 5 pounds, so it’s easy to take it anywhere with you. It offers an integrated UHF and VHF Television tuner plus some smart TV programs like VUDU, YouTube, and Netflix. When viewing in a dark room, the visuals are stunning if the images are not zoomed too muchly is right to state in the technical specs that the PF1000U is suitable for pictures in the 60″ to 100″ range. If you intend to watch in a room with a lot of white and reflective floors, you are better off maintaining the 60″ to 80″ image size for this projectorPros• Portable,• Full 1080p HD resolution • Excellent color balance • Has Online apps and browser • Low power consumption• Built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi Cons• Lacks optical zoom,• Slightly low brightness levels• Expensive,• Poor picture uniformity

6.BenQ SH910 Cinema Class HD DLP Projector


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Using a 4,000-lumen lighting score, this DLP projector places up a superb 1920×1080 image that shuns off ambient light which sometimes is too bright for dark rooms. However, when it used during the day taking a look at in sun-splashed rooms, the SH910 performance is marvelous. As expected, darkness details can be jeopardized by high ambient light. However, the high lighting from the SH910 produces an excellent highlight definition. Moreover, this powerhouse has a pocket-friendly price tag and its portable. Pros• Full HD 1080p Picture element• 4000 Lumens Brightness levels• Multiple Options for Control,• 1.5x Zoom Ratio for Flexibility
Cons• Short lamp life compared to other products in the same range• It’s not portable• Too bright for a small room

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If you’re purely looking for the brightest projector, the BenQ SH910 4000L projector is the best. If you are of display quality, the Sony is best in its category, and then for smaller living spaces, the LG Electronics PF1000U is a perfect choice that won’t break your budget.