Today’s Top Hip Hop Albums You Have To Hear !!!!

Today’s Top Hip Hop Albums You Have To Hear!

Hip Hop has a truly a melting pot right now. We have a dash of consciousness with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole,  a tablespoon of rachetness from 2 Chains, a nice dose of Jay- Z, and with a few cups of mumble rappers….Migos. I don’t know about y’all but my playlist has been lit AF lately.  I’m sitting at my corner desk blasting 4:44 in my Beats right now! …..but who isn’t?!?!!

Below are a few albums you have to listen to…….


    Jay – Z made a comeback and released another instant classic! This is definitely a cerebral album!  Listening to the lyrics because this album gives you plenty to think about!

 2 Chains rocked Atlanta, GA, the entire internet, and the marketing world when he rented this house and drenched it in pink paint for the release of this album……and it true…..Pretty Girls Do Like Trap Music!!

 Being a true ATL-ien at heart, I was more than ready for the return of BIG BOI! His music is a staple in Southern Hip Hop….and He did not disappoint with this one!

Kendrick delivers once again! He give us well thought out ideas through his songs in innovative ways, always has great balance between classic Hip Hop and modern. Full of lyrical substance!




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