A KKK Klansman Was Rocking Dreadlocks and Social Media Blew up

KKK Member Rocking Dreadlocks


Charolottesville, Virgina, the KKK decided that they would have a rally protesting the removal of a confederate monument of Robert E. Lee who was a southern general of the confederate army during the American Civil War. Counter protesters showed up, in even larger numbers and that’s when thing got a little weird….

One of the counter protesters were able to snap a picture of one of the KKK members sporting dreadlocks in their head?? The photographer Devante Cunningham was so shocked by the fact that someone who is obviously a supporter of a group the has been known for attacking and killing people of color would be rocking a hairstyle that originated in Africa and is a commonly worn by African American’s.

Mr. Cunningham shared his priceless photo on social media and as you can expect Twitter went crazy regarding how clueless this man seemed to be, the photo has already went viral and just goes to show that sometimes ignorance is bliss.