ASAP Bari Recorded on Video Attempting To Force Himself on a Young Lady

ASAP BARI Attempted Sexual Assault?? 

Rap Music

Asap Bari has been making headlines like crazy after a 30 second video was uploaded to a social media account were he can be heard telling a young lady, that since she slept with his assistant he wanted to get some “head too”.

The young lady can be heard in the video declining his sexual advances and telling the rapper -No- repeatedly before trying to flee to the bathroom to prevent him from attempting to possibly sexually assault her.  The video also show another male that was in the room grabbing at her, while Asap Bari can be heard telling the young lady to “shut up B**Ch”.

The video has since been taken down, but not before going viral on social media. Were pretty sure the police will be at Asap Bari doorstep first thing in the morning regarding this video.