Pure Foolish: Crazed Man Attempt’s To Frame Liberal’s and Fails Miserably

Man Attempt To Frame Liberal’s Fail Miserably 

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Steven Marks became so riled up by the Liberal’s in the United States of America, that he decided to do something about it. He didn’t go sign up a the local courthouse for the volunteering programs for local Town Hall events or attempt to peacefully protest what he felt was being represented as Un-American .

Steven Marks decided to take his frustration out on a children’s elementary school playground, where he spray painted hateful words against Donald Trump even though he is a proud supporter. He even went as far as to write in “Bernie Sanders 2020” in an attempt to throw off police. Unfortunate for Mr. Marks the elementary school surveillance camera captured him damaging the schools property and he was later arrested.

He eventually admitted to the crime, once police confronted him with the evidence provided to them by the school. A judge has already banned the man from the West Hartford elementary school where the incident took place.