Jay-Z Exposes Rappers Posting Pictures Of Money Phones

Jay-Z Exposes  Rapper’s & Their Money Phones



Jay-Z released his latest rap album 4:44 and it has already received alot of attention from hip hop fans saying that Jay-Z is really showing  growth and maturity in the record. With all that being said Jay-z also made reference to these rappers talking on “Money Phones” and said that it looks corny and they need to stop. Most of the hip hop industry took notice to the slanderous bar and started calling out the rappers who love to post money phones on their Instagram and began clowning them.

Only a handful of rappers came out against Jay-z stating that they don’t care how Jay-z feels about them posting up pictures online showing them getting money and just because he chooses to purchase art and other things with his money, they choose to flex and show they fans how they are living.