10 Signs You May Be Dating A FUCK BOY

10 Signs You May Be Dating A FUCK BOY!!

Are you in a “shit-uationship” ? Are you tired of spending all your money for EVERYTHING ? Does your man only take you on “Netflix and Chill” dates? If you think that you’re in a relationship with a man that isn’t progressing in any way …….you just may be dating a FUCK BOY.

Aren’t sure yet?? That’s cool. I’ll help you out a little bit.

Here are 10 signs you may be dating a FUCK BOY

  1.  Never answers the phone.  We all keep our phones on us nowadays. People are so attached to their phones, that when we don’t have our phones it almost feels like you’re missing a limb. But, he NEVER answers or is quick to give you a short answer reply text message.

  2. Never Pays For A Damn Thing.  Whenever y’all go out for food…he doesn’t pay. Need gas?? Doesn’t pay. Bills? Doesn’t pay.  2 quarters for the parking meter??? Doesn’t pay.

  3. Never places a “title” on your relationship. If you have to ask him, ” Babe, what are we?” He says things like, ” I don’t do the relationship thing”, “We just chilling”, ” It’s whatever”

  4. He has no job and he’s not in school, but he is ALWAYS busy.   How????? Like, I mean, what you really got going on??? lol

  5. No ambitions, drive, goals, or dream. He is completely content eating a Tupperware bowl of Fruit Loop cereal while sitting on YOUR couch playing Madden 2k17 on the PS4 you probably bought him.

  6. Lies about everything…No…really…EVERYTHING. ” I can’t look for a job today, it’s Monday…they all closed” , ” I couldn’t answer the phone last night, my homeboy had it” ,  “I’m finna go to the gas station….I’ll be back tomorrow”

  7. Never makes plans or go out on real dates. Every time y’all are together you either go to his house/ Apt. (….if he has one) or you’re staying at your house. Netflix is always on….maybe something on HULU.

  8. Blatantly flirts or talks to other women. He will flirt with anyone. The grocery store cashier, the Verizon customer service phone rep…anyone!  He still has random chicks ringing his line and will have a full on convo right in your face.

  9. Eats all your food.  He doesn’t contribute to the groceries. He eats your food, your baby’s food, your mama’s food, the leftover’s from Outback Steakhouse you were saving for lunch at work tomorrow.

  10. If You Made It To Number 10 Then I’m Sure You Know Exactly What You’re Dealing With……A FUCK BOY!

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