Crack Head Attempts To Eat Bag She Pulls Out Her Boo- Hole During Strip Search

Crack Head Doing Crack Head Things

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Naples, Florida police arrested Summer Adamson, after a routine traffic stop, after officers noticed that she had heroin syringes on her vehicles floor and other illegal substances in her possession. After getting Ms. Adamson to the jail for booking on the minor drug charges, things got weird once Ms. Adamson was advised that she would have to complete a strip search before entering her cell.

While officers were administering the strip search Ms. Adamson pulled  a plastic bag out of her butt-hole and began to eat the bag and the contents inside of the bag. Police were able to stop her and discover that the contents of the butt-hole bag contained meth.

Ms. Adamson day just went from bad to worse, her bond is currently set at $20,000.

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