50 cent Clowns Jay-Z New Album That Went Platinum in 5 Days And He Still Hasn’t Released an Album Since 2014

50 cent Clowns Jay-z For Going Platinum in 5 days

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Rapper 50 cent couldn’t wait to take shot at rap mogul Jay-Z after the release of his album 4:44 which has been dominating social media and hip-hop blogs ever since it came out. Most fans have spoken really highly of the record saying that the album was one of the best records out in 2017 and Jay-Z was still able to put together clever word play to make you think as well as giving witty punch lines on his verse.

Even after so much praise from all of the fans and even other rap artist, one rapper in particular(50 cent) made it clear that he thought the album was only okay and that Jay-Z needs to stop trying to be the best rapper and let the younger generation have it, he also complained that Jay-Z lyrics were to smart and should be more to the point. 50 cent even stated that he considered the record to be nothing more than elevator music that you would hear at a golf club.

Surprisingly 50 cent seems to be jealous of the fact that at 47 years of age Jay-Z can still drop an album in 2017 and go platinum in only 5 days, while the last album that 50 cent had released in 2014 (Yes, 3 years ago) only manage to sale 150k copies to date. Why is it that 50 cent can never seem to give any type of credit to Jay-Z without seeming bitter.