Webbie Has Been Arrested For Allegedly Beating Down His Girlfriend

Rapper Webbie Arrested For Domestic Violence 

Rapper Webbie has been arrested by police and charged with multiple felony and assault charges , after police say they were contacted by the rappers girlfriend accusing the him of beating her with a closed fist after the rapper had been taking drugs. The victim also claimed that when she tried to flee the room after the attack, Webbie knocked her to the ground and began to strangle her  and stomp her in the chest.

Police were able to confirm some of the victims accusations after briefly looking over her body officer noticed that she had sustained  a black eye, bloody lip and scratches all over her body. Webbie has been charged with one count of domestic violence and false imprisonment.

Webbie could be looking at up to 3/5 years in prison if he is convicted of the crimes and depending on his past history in the legal system the rapper might not be allowed to bond out.